My name is Darryl Capleton aka Coach D, born and raised in Charleston, SC. I have been a Youth Mentor/Coach for the past 10 plus years. I have mentored at –risk young adults in and out of our judicial justice system as well as youth of all ages in Charleston and surrounding areas. I enjoy empowering youth to avoid the trappings of the world, remain positive in the community, and by taking lead through ongoing one –on-one mentoring, being a role model and establishing friendships. Steering these young individuals in making appropriate life choices that enables them to maximize their personal and educational potential to become stronger role models for others.

Coaching/mentoring is one of my God given gifts, my passion and my life is to help the younger generations succeed and exceed in life. I believe all kids desire to be great, all they need is proper guidance, structure, love and to be heard. I have worked and collaborated with several organizations in south Carolina at all levels of mentoring and coaching. It is a blessing to be part of the amazing work that The I AM Foundation, provides to our children.