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Buying a home is a major accomplishment and executing a successful real estate transaction requires knowledge and experience. I have years of experience as a Buyer’s Representative. I understand the perspective of a buyer and I’m fully committed to helping you achieve this amazing feat.

Finding and purchasing the perfect home involves more tasks than most buyers realize. An experienced and knowledgeable buyer’s representative can be an incredibly beneficial aid and resource when navigating through the many obstacles of home buying.

Here’s a partial list of things i can do for you.

1 Assist in locating sources of mortgage loans.

2 Help you examine how much you can afford.

3 Assist in comparing different financing options.

4 Provide information on purchasing incentives that may be available.

5 Find appropriate available properties.

6 Set up an automated email alert system that immediately notifies you of properties that fit your requirements.

7 Provide ready access to all MLS-listed properties.

8 Help select for viewing only those homes that fit your needs.

9 Assist in analyzing the pros and cons of each property.

10 Assist you in evaluating properties for suitability, affordability, and resale value.

11 Handle the completion of the offer to purchase or sales contract.

12 Educate you on the contents of the sales contract.

13 assist you in getting the best property at the best price with the least amount of inconvenience based on current market conditions.

14 Remain a life-long trusted advisor regarding real estate questions, needs or concerns.

It’s all about providing you the tools you need to confidently complete your real estate transaction.

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1081 E. Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405


OFFICE: 843.277.8276

CELL: 843-647-8488


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